RFP Processes

ITP Law has substantial experience in creating RFPs, and in project-managing the processes associated with them. We have also advised many businesses on RFP participation, giving us a dual-perspective in managing and understanding appropriate strategy. In running an RFP process our role would typically include:

  • reviewing legacy contractual arrangements for current services and recommending strategy/highlighting risk
  • working with key stakeholders and technical experts to determine requirements, and design and build the RFP
  • drafting model services agreements issued with the RFP
  • managing prospective Vendors throughout the process
  • reporting to senior management and working in cooperation with the in-house legal, IT, finance and sourcing as required
  • structuring and conducting interviews with reference customers
  • analyzing and evaluating responses, challenging prospective vendors to improve on price and presenting analysis to stakeholders and the steering committee
  • assisting in the preparation of the business case
  • negotiating agreements, benchmarking provisions and SLAs with successful Vendors

Our consultants have been engaged in legal and project-management roles in many RFP processes, both running the processes, and participating in them. When running processes we have provided guidance from early planning stages, requirements definition and key interest group communication, vendor management, contract development and negotiation, internal and external communication, document and version control, and business case development and validation.